The first years of life are important for the vision development. That’s why the early detection of visual defects is essential to prevent later optical problems. Apart from malformations, the most frequent visual disorders in childhood are refractive errors (the need of wearing glasses) and strabismus. In both cases the child may not complain of not seeing properly. This test is aimed to help you to find it out by yourself. Please answer the following questions putting a tick in the most suitable box to your reply.

¿Ha observado si su hijo desvía un ojo aunque sea mínimamente?
¿Ha notado si el niño guiña siempre el mismo ojo cuando esta en la calle?
Tuerce la cabeza cuando pone atención en algo?
Tápele un ojo y luego el otro. ¿Nota diferencias a la hora de reconocer un objeto?
¿Se acerca mucho a la televisión o al papel cuando dibuja?
¿Entorna los ojos cuando se fija en algo lejano?
¿Parpadea con frecuencia?
¿Se queja de dolor de cabeza por las tardes?
¿Tiene los ojos enrojecidos muy a menudo?
¿Presenta descamación de las pestañas o le salen orzuelos con frecuencia?

Affirmative answers to questions 1, 2 and 3. If this happens after the age of six months it is quite probable that your child has a strabismus problem. Don’t neglect this disorder however little might be. Vitamins and time won’t solve it. Affirmative answer to question 4 Your child has some visual defect in one of his eyes (lazy eye). You must take him to the ophthalmologist’s as soon as possible. Affirmative answer to question 5 All children have a tendency to get close to the T.V. or to their drawings. This particular fact, without any other symptom doesn’t entail a vision problem. Affirmative answers to questions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Usually, a child complains of not seeing properly when there exists a serious refractive error. If he doesn’t, and after your findings you have answered YES to all, or at least to two, of the questions from this section, it is advisable that your child is seen by an ophthalmologist who will tell you about the necessary treatment.