From 29th June to 1st July, the XV Congress “Sevilla Refractiva” took place in the city of Seville. It was a meeting of more than 300 specialists where several aspects related to refractive surgery, both corneal and intraocular, were treated. Drs García de Oteyza were heavily involved in this congress.


The event began on Thursday afternoon with the holding of a round table organised and conducted by Dr Gonzalo García de Oteyza about “Phaco Refractive Surgery Controversies”. During the above-mentioned round table, he moreover gave a speech about such interesting subjects as retouching or the use of ICL lenses.

Dr Gonzalo García de Oteyza during his speech.

Dr Gonzalo García de Oteyza with the director of “Sevilla Refractiva” Dr Julián Cezón.


Right after, a symposium about refractive surgery and strabismus was given, during which, Dr Juan García de Oteyza presented his wide experience in this subject offering two speeches called “Necessary examinations to avoid diplopia before refractive surgery” and “Ocular Dominance”. Two chats that brought clarity on such a complicated subject of this speciality and which were eagerly applauded by the attendees.

Dr Juan García de Oteyza during his first intervention.


Dr Juan García de Oteyza talking about Ocular Dominance.

The XV Congress “Sevilla Refractiva” was a real success in terms of attendance, organisation and scientific program. Drs García de Oteyza had a strong participation in it. Refractive surgery is one of the most important subspecialties in ophthalmology and that’s why the García de Oteyza Ophthalmologic Clinic always attends this sort of meetings in order to offer its patients the best treatments. If you are interested in further information on Refractive Surgery, please click here.