The García de Oteyza Ophthalmologic Clinic has been located in the so called high zone of Barcelona for 20 years now. It is close to various underground lines, the Generalitat railways and bus stops, there being as well the possibility of parking easily in the area and car parks for those who go by car. Unlike other surgeries, ours goes for a warm and cosy environment not even related to medicine. The decoration of the waiting room, reception and offices was very much kept in mind at the time for achieving this purpose. We have three offices for ophthalmologists and another one for paediatric ophthalmology particularly fit up to examine children.

At our Clinic, we are properly equipped in order to carry out most of the diagnostic tests related to our speciality. Apart from the basic test implements our offices are provided with, we have special and specific devices among which stand out:

  • the computerised campimeter for examining the visual field, the optic nerve and the optic tract.
  • optical coherence tomography (OCT) to study the retina and the optic nerve.
  • IOL Master for the calculation of the required intraocular lenses
  • Lancaster Test to evaluate diplopia
  • Ultrasonic pachymeter to measure the corneal thickness
  • Yag Laser to treat narrow-angle camera (iridotomy) and carry out posterior capsulotomy
  • Contactology department