Dr Gonzalo García de Oteyza is the President of the Spanish Young Ophthalmologists Association along with Dr Andrés Fernández-Vega. Both of them have been interviewed in “Información Oftalmológica” shortly before the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology. In this interview, every aspect about the V Meeting of the Spanish Young Ophthalmologists Association is detailed. It will be organised and chaired by Drs García de Oteyza and Fernández-Vega. The Spanish Young Ophthalmologists Association has gained relevance for all specialist trainees and young consultants thanks to the measures taken in the latest years. Economic improvements have been achieved, a scholarship issued by the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology has been created as well as new training programmes and grants for all the young people. On the other hand, the Association meeting, which is going to be held in Saragossa next 22nd September during the national congress, has been organised by means of an innovative format which will allow the participation of more than 30 young speakers. This is one of the most awaited meetings by the young ones for this is where they have more of a say and where those subjects that are closer to their usual clinical practice are treated. This good work by the Association has favoured the creation of sections specially dedicated to young people at all national congresses of the various subspecialties which are comprised in ophthalmology. At the same time, new teaching bonds with the most experienced ophthalmologists are being promoted. All of this in favour of a better quality of the ophthalmologists of the future. Dr Gonzalo García de Oteyza, thinks the Spanish Young Ophthalmologists Association is, undoubtedly, one of the best news for the future of ophthalmology in our country. Young people are the future and it is for this reason that they are being given importance at national and international scientific meetings.   Please find the full interview at the following link.