Nowadays almost all people use smartphones, tablets or computers to work or in their leisure time. The excessive screen use along the day isn’t harmless to our eyes and can lead to different symptoms that we are going to try to sum up in the following article.


The computer vision syndrome is a matter that was already described more than 10 years ago. Its main symptoms are: cephalalgies, red eye, photophobia, foreign body sensation, burning eyes and lachrymation. The most important reason for the apparition of these symptoms is the abusive use of screen devices. Unfortunately, many people are compelled to spend a lot of hours in front of a computer due to their work and that risk factor can’t be modified as it would entail a job change. Another fact that causes this syndrome to appear, apart from the long hours of use, is the drastic diminishment of the blinking frequency per minute. A person blinks 12-14 times per minute on average. When that very person seats in front of a computer, this frequency is reduced to 1-3 times per minute. On the other hand, there are people who suffer from moderate oculomotor imbalance, also called heterophoria, and even from convergence insufficiency who usually stay asymptomatic, but the constant use of these devices may unbalance them and cause them great eye strain and difficulty to work after a little while using them. Adults are not the only ones who can show ocular problems due to screen use. More and more children play with tablets and computers to amuse themselves with videogames. The constant use during several hours sustained over time can lead to a change in the child’s refraction, becoming myopic.


  1. Do not abuse of electronic devices.
  2. Adjust your screen lighting.
  3. Take frequent breaks.
  4. Remember to blink.
  5. Use eyedrops without preservatives.
  6. Limit children the use of electronic devices and encourage them to do exercise outdoors.
  7. If, despite these advices you keep having disturbances, please go to the ophthalmologist’s for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
  8. If you want to know if you have dry eye syndrome, please fill in the test you will find clicking here.